Episode Eleven

The Adams Family Podcast – Episode 11 – Summer-morph-cast

We started recording this right after the last one…it’s just not so easy putting these things together, which accounts for the little time-span between episodes. Don’t lose us now! Just because it takes a little while doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the wait!! The editing for a 30-ish minute podcast with 4 small children is akin to deficit spending, which is another concept our family has had to become quite familiar with. The kids are doing their thing, being their wonderful selves (in a way that somebody might, someday, understand…and thereby try to profit from) — and, praise Wankan Tanka, we’re all still healthy and sustaining.

I’ve been smitten with all things too retro for most people to understand, which led me to put forth that rather limited rendition of  Rogers and Hart’s “Blue Moon” from 1934, the one I feebly covered in the middle of the podcast.


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